Coffea canephora (Ensembl Plants 51)

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List of genes transcribing a lncRNA. Click to "More genes" to see the whole list or click to "More transcripts" to see the whole list of lncRNAs in Coffea canephora (Ensembl Plants 51).

Gene alias Chrom. Start End Num. of lncRNAs
Ccanephora GSCOC T00000028001 scaffold_645 58773 60340 1
Ccanephora GSCOC T00000034001 scaffold_11292 1887 2327 1
Ccanephora GSCOC T00000058001 scaffold_249 168083 169421 1
Ccanephora GSCOC T00000089001 scaffold_937 38155 38597 1
Ccanephora GSCOC T00000103001 scaffold_1110 21985 23489 1