Macuminata Ma00 g00480

From GreeNC

Gene information

This table contains information about coordinates, assembly and annotation regarding the lncRNA-transcribing gene. In details, it shows whether this this gene transcribes any protein-coding transcript.

Gene alias / name Chrom. Start End Assembly Species Details

[ Ma00_g00480]
CAJGYN010000024.1 1489382 1489790 v2 Musa acuminata (Ensembl Plants 51)

Transcript features

This table shows how a lncRNA has been classified (high/low confidence) or whether it has been classified as pre-miRNA (go to FAQ for classification criteria). Besides, it displays the lncRNA length and sequence as well as information about the ORF, the coding potential calculated by the Coding Potential Calculator (CPC), and the folding energies calculated by RNAfold.

Transcript alias / name Confidence Pre-miRNA Length Orthologous group Sequence Details

Low No 309 OG0224626
Coding potential...
Type: noncoding Potential: -0.484
Folding energies...
MFEI: -34.498 AMFE: -0.589
GC content
%: 58.576

Matches to external databases

The lncRNAs from GreeNC have been analysed against the following databases: SwissProt, miRBase, Rfam, RepBase (RepeatMasker), NONCODE, and lncRNAdb. This table displays any association with these databases.

Transcript alias Database Version Hit Evalue
Macuminata_Ma00_t00480.1  SwissProt 2021-04-01 P46689 8.46e-21

Gene models

Transcripts can be colored as magenta (coding transcripts), green (high confidence lncRNAs), cyan (low confidence lncRNAs), or salmon (other ncRNAs).