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Transcript alias Gene Alias Length Confidence
Lalbus_Lalb_Chr00c01g0403661 Lalbus Lalb Chr00c01g0403661 605 High
Lalbus_Lalb_Chr00c01g0403671 Lalbus Lalb Chr00c01g0403671 1,100 High
Lalbus_Lalb_Chr00c01g0403681 Lalbus Lalb Chr00c01g0403681 289 High
Lalbus_Lalb_Chr00c01g0403701 Lalbus Lalb Chr00c01g0403701 741 High
Lalbus_Lalb_Chr00c01g0403761 Lalbus Lalb Chr00c01g0403761 1,261 Low
Lalbus_Lalb_Chr00c01g0403841 Lalbus Lalb Chr00c01g0403841 399 High
Lalbus_Lalb_Chr00c01g0403881 Lalbus Lalb Chr00c01g0403881 1,408 Low
Lalbus_Lalb_Chr00c01g0403901 Lalbus Lalb Chr00c01g0403901 1,431 High
Lalbus_Lalb_Chr00c01g0403911 Lalbus Lalb Chr00c01g0403911 249 Low
Lalbus_Lalb_Chr00c01g0403921 Lalbus Lalb Chr00c01g0403921 221 High
Lalbus_Lalb_Chr00c01g0403941 Lalbus Lalb Chr00c01g0403941 297 High
Lalbus_Lalb_Chr00c01g0403951 Lalbus Lalb Chr00c01g0403951 240 Low
Lalbus_Lalb_Chr00c01g0403991 Lalbus Lalb Chr00c01g0403991 350 High
Lalbus_Lalb_Chr00c02g0404031 Lalbus Lalb Chr00c02g0404031 521 High
Lalbus_Lalb_Chr00c02g0404051 Lalbus Lalb Chr00c02g0404051 557 High
Lalbus_Lalb_Chr00c02g0404061 Lalbus Lalb Chr00c02g0404061 892 High
Lalbus_Lalb_Chr00c02g0404091 Lalbus Lalb Chr00c02g0404091 354 Low
Lalbus_Lalb_Chr00c02g0404201 Lalbus Lalb Chr00c02g0404201 249 Low
Lalbus_Lalb_Chr00c03g0404211 Lalbus Lalb Chr00c03g0404211 354 Low
Lalbus_Lalb_Chr00c03g0404231 Lalbus Lalb Chr00c03g0404231 354 High
Lalbus_Lalb_Chr00c03g0404311 Lalbus Lalb Chr00c03g0404311 333 High
Lalbus_Lalb_Chr00c03g0404421 Lalbus Lalb Chr00c03g0404421 354 High
Lalbus_Lalb_Chr00c04g0404481 Lalbus Lalb Chr00c04g0404481 981 Low
Lalbus_Lalb_Chr00c04g0404501 Lalbus Lalb Chr00c04g0404501 1,073 High
Lalbus_Lalb_Chr00c06g0404541 Lalbus Lalb Chr00c06g0404541 273 Low
Lalbus_Lalb_Chr00c06g0404561 Lalbus Lalb Chr00c06g0404561 490 High
Lalbus_Lalb_Chr00c06g0404571 Lalbus Lalb Chr00c06g0404571 333 High
Lalbus_Lalb_Chr00c06g0404581 Lalbus Lalb Chr00c06g0404581 419 Low
Lalbus_Lalb_Chr00c06g0404591 Lalbus Lalb Chr00c06g0404591 312 Low
Lalbus_Lalb_Chr00c07g0404691 Lalbus Lalb Chr00c07g0404691 459 High
Lalbus_Lalb_Chr00c07g0404721 Lalbus Lalb Chr00c07g0404721 208 High
Lalbus_Lalb_Chr00c10g0404821 Lalbus Lalb Chr00c10g0404821 1,447 High
Lalbus_Lalb_Chr00c11g0404851 Lalbus Lalb Chr00c11g0404851 1,641 High
Lalbus_Lalb_Chr00c13g0404891 Lalbus Lalb Chr00c13g0404891 589 High
Lalbus_Lalb_Chr00c16g0404931 Lalbus Lalb Chr00c16g0404931 519 Low
Lalbus_Lalb_Chr00c16g0404941 Lalbus Lalb Chr00c16g0404941 373 High
Lalbus_Lalb_Chr00c18g0405061 Lalbus Lalb Chr00c18g0405061 249 Low
Lalbus_Lalb_Chr00c21g0405211 Lalbus Lalb Chr00c21g0405211 305 Low
Lalbus_Lalb_Chr00c21g0405291 Lalbus Lalb Chr00c21g0405291 589 High
Lalbus_Lalb_Chr00c21g0405401 Lalbus Lalb Chr00c21g0405401 305 Low
Lalbus_Lalb_Chr00c21g0405481 Lalbus Lalb Chr00c21g0405481 323 High
Lalbus_Lalb_Chr00c21g0405511 Lalbus Lalb Chr00c21g0405511 566 High
Lalbus_Lalb_Chr00c21g0405571 Lalbus Lalb Chr00c21g0405571 2,273 High
Lalbus_Lalb_Chr00c21g0405591 Lalbus Lalb Chr00c21g0405591 1,534 High
Lalbus_Lalb_Chr00c21g0405771 Lalbus Lalb Chr00c21g0405771 340 Low
Lalbus_Lalb_Chr00c21g0405781 Lalbus Lalb Chr00c21g0405781 389 Low
Lalbus_Lalb_Chr00c21g0405811 Lalbus Lalb Chr00c21g0405811 500 Low
Lalbus_Lalb_Chr00c21g0405881 Lalbus Lalb Chr00c21g0405881 1,383 High
Lalbus_Lalb_Chr00c21g0405901 Lalbus Lalb Chr00c21g0405901 225 High
Lalbus_Lalb_Chr00c21g0405911 Lalbus Lalb Chr00c21g0405911 603 High
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