Gossypium raimondii

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This release is based on the genome version v2.1 (Phytozome internal code 221)
Gossypium raimondii, Gossypium raimondii Ulbr.


List of genes transcribing a lncRNA. Click to "More genes" to see the whole list or click to "More transcripts" to see the whole list of lncRNAs in Gossypium raimondii.

Gene alias Chrom. Start End Num. of lncRNAs
Graimondii Gorai.001G000200 Chr01 6987 7491 1
Graimondii Gorai.001G000300 Chr01 7492 12104 2
Graimondii Gorai.001G000700 Chr01 53087 58470 2
Graimondii Gorai.001G003400 Chr01 304110 304679 1
Graimondii Gorai.001G003800 Chr01 356125 358380 1